What Students Say About Us

Concept Cube has helped hundreds of students achieve their dream of attending the art/design college of their choice.  By developing these close relationships, we have earned a certain level of trust and respect.  We like to thank all of those who have left such a positive impression of Concept Cube.

I had my long run of going to phony art teachers that make big promises with no results (for about 6 years). Concept Cube Design is the exact opposite of that stereotype. I had to begin with learning all of their fundamentals before I could move onto portfolio building, despite my past student experience in drawing. But this is why I love this school so much. They want to ensure that their students WILL be successful in the future. They don’t like a flimsy foundation; you need to learn their skills until they say you can move on. If you want to become an elitist at industrial design or art in general, this is the best place to make that start. If you follow their instructions to the T, I can ensure that you will see growth and improvement in your own set of skills. I applied to Art Center College of Design for Product Design on October 1st and within 11 days I received an acceptance letter. Aside from being getting me into my dream college, I still find myself visiting this school for life advice or for catching up. – Ruby Park-

Concept Cube is where you want to be if you are preparing to go to elite design schools. I started at Concept Cube as a high school student who wanted to pursuit product design but knowing nothing about it. Tony and Steve really took me from scratch and built me up to receiving scholarships from almost every major design school. The best thing about Concept Cube is that we eventually become not just teacher and students. I’m already attending Art Center College of Design for Product Design. I still go back or have lunch with Tony once in a while, so as a lot of other Concept Cube “graduates”. If you want to start pursuing a future in Product, entertainment or transportation design, this is the place to be. -Ken Chin-

I’m an entertainment design student in art center.  I’ve been to a few different art school before Concept Cube, they all promised a successful outcome that they can’t delivered. Concept cube is different. They will not only deliver what they promised, they deliver more than they promised. I didn’t just get in Art Center, I got scholarships that I didn’t think I could get.  Tony and Steve helped me build up my fundamentals and my design skills. They made sure I truly learned everything solid before moving on to the next lesson. Concept Cube isn’t easy and they don’t sugar coat things. Be prepared for lots of works (yes they’re not kidding when they tell you they are no easier than Art Center), but I assure you will improvements just in a few months!  Concept cube is the place to be if you want to build your portfolio for Art Center and improve your skill as a designer! -Lucya Chuang-


I learned so much from the instructors here and was able to go from no experience at sketching to being able to compose sketches very well. I was able to enter the college of my choice and was extremely prepared.
Annie Pan
This place is a great school for students of all levels. They have years of experience and know how. The instructors are also very easy to get along with which is a plus. Definitely worth looking into if you're serious about the design field.
Dolachai R.
Wonderful experience! I came in without any prior drawing or design skills. Less than a year later, I had a strong base to start my entrance portfolio to multiple design schools (all of which I've been accepted to). The instructors here are serious about developing your drawing skills from start to finish. They focus on many important fundamentals such as perspective, composition, rendering, etc. Not only do they take the time to work with each student individually, but they also provide a positive environment that keeps you motivated. Truth be told, I would have never dreamed of going into design if it wasn't for them. Personally, It was a great investment to look to the instructors at Concept Cube. I would definitely recommend taking classes at Concept Cube to anyone who is serious about pursuing design.
Deborah K.