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Apply With Confidence!

Applying to an art or design college?  Do they require a portfolio of your work?  Leave self-doubt behind and develop skills that will let you apply with confidence, knowing that what you’re showing is sure to impress school admissions anywhere.  If you are ready to commit and give it your all for your dream, Concept Cube is ready for you!

Decades of teaching experience

Rest easy knowing that Concept Cube has teachers who have been doing this for over a decade. You can have confidence in the training you'll receive, with hundreds of students having gone through this program successfully!

Hear From Our Students

I had my long run of going to phony art teachers that make big promises with no results (for about 6 years). Concept Cube is the exact opposite of that stereotype... they want to ensure that their students will be successful in the future.
Ruby Park
@Art Center

Your Portfolio Will Shine!

Your admissions portfolio should show your very best.  With hands on training from industry professionals, your portfolio will show everyone a level of skill that goes far beyond your peers.  Get a head start and head into your next stage as a student with the confidence that you can accomplish anything!