Fast Track - College Prep

100% Acceptance Rate

Do you need a portfolio for college?  Need a way to stand out from the crowd? Concept Cube’s Fast Track program has a proven record of a 100% acceptance rate and millions of dollars in scholarships earned by our students!  The program covers everything: from the basics to advanced rendering techniques, all packaged into a portfolio that will impress any admissions board!  Don’t wait to get to started, call today!

Step 1: The Fundamentals

You will learn basic perspective, the four key 3D shapes, an introduction to marker rendering and other hands on rendering techniques. You will also begin to learn how to draw and render more organic shapes as well as the means to communicate your ideas visually.

Step 2: Advanced Rendering

Those cars you see are not photos but actual hand renderings done by our students! After honing the fundamentals, you too will be ready take your rendering abilities to the next level. Advanced rendering focuses on building your observational abilities to color match, blend, use reference properly, as well as taking the first steps to drawing from imagination.

Step 3: Design Projects

The final step of building your portfolio, design projects will have you researching, sketching, rendering, and even presenting your ideas at a professional level. Design projects can include consumer products, transportation vehicles, environmental/architectural concepts, as well as entertainment ideas like movies or games.


Frequently Asked Questions

Concept Cube teaches design fundamentals to all students before moving on to 4 distinct specialties: product design, transportation design, environmental design, and entertainment design.

An average student takes between 12 and 18 months to build a portfolio from beginning to end.  We recommend students to start as soon as possible.
All tuition and supply fees are discussed in person only due to personalized nature of the program.  Fees can also change based on student need. 

Most of our students are of high school age, but we have had students as young as 9 as well as professionals looking to augment their skill sets.

Concept Cube maintains a single studio in the Pasadena area.