Intro to Design

Learn To Draw In Just 8 Weeks!

Concept Cube’s Intro to Design is an 8 week course that covers the fundamentals of drawing and rendering, including: perspective, geometric shapes, organic shapes, textures, and composition. Everything is hands on, one-on-one or in a  small group. Lessons and assignments are straight forward with a clear progression. While demanding, a student’s dedication and discipline are rewarded with steady improvement with results that are easy to see. 

Weeks 1-2: Intro & Perspective

Learn about the tools and exercises you'll need to start before diving into the critical skill of perspective. Don't worry though, we make perspective easy!

Weeks 3-5: 3-D Shapes

Learn the four basic geometric shapes: cubes, cylinders, cones, and spheres. These are the four shapes that can help you draw anything! Later on, we move on to more organic shapes, known as "bio-forms" or "speed-forms".

Weeks 6-7: Rendering

Time to make things look more realistic by learning how to render textures and materials including: chrome, rubber, metals, stone, fur, etc.
We'll also learn how to "communicate" through our visuals using arrows and thumbnails.

Week 8: Basic Compositions

It's finally time to put everything we've learned and put them into a slick looking composition!


Frequently Asked Questions

Concept Cube teaches design fundamentals to all students before moving on to 4 distinct specialties: product design, transportation design, environmental design, and entertainment design.

An average student takes between 12 and 18 months to build a portfolio from beginning to end.  We recommend students to start as soon as possible.

Intro to Design normally costs $1600 (supplies not included).  Look out for our special offers through out the year!

Most of our students are of high school age, but we have had students as young as 9 as well as professionals looking to augment their skill sets.

Concept Cube maintains a single studio in the Pasadena area.