Construction Vehicle Project

Class developed and conducted by Tony Yao

Here’s a blast from the past.  Going through some old photo albums I came across this mammoth project that took place in the summer of 2008.  It was the first time my class was to design and build 1:1 scale, life-size construction vehicles.

That summer I had a talented class of around 20 high school students and 10 weeks to design and build life-sized models as well as a presentation.  Each student had to design their own construction vehicle, and from all the designs, 3 specific designs were chosen from the group to be turned in to life-sized models.  The class was split into 3 teams, and each team was responsible for 1 vehicle.  All materials were made form everyday items you could find at your local art supplies store or Home Depot.  I think this project help challenged and pushed my high school students to their limits.  Even in Art Center’s day program, you seldom see projects of this “gi-nor-mous” magnitude.

Everyone said we were crazy to even attempt a project of this scope. But I am never deterred by the size or age of my students.  I believe my fearless students can do anything with the proper training and motivation.

If you know a talented student interested in art and design, bring them to me!  I can make them better!

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Tony Yao