Class developed and conducted by Tony Yao

Project: Gashapon

(Japanese Vending Machines)

For Project “Gashapon” my team of high school students were given the task of designing “Japanese vending machine” toys aka “gashapon.“ This project spanned our customary 10 weeks and each student had to do 50 pages of design concepts, build physical 3D models, render a giant table-sized 3-D “cason rendering”, and design and build a 1:1 scale Japanese village and Japanese vending machines for presentation.

The actual village construction took 5 Saturdays for a team of 6 students and myself to complete.  We utilized inexpensive materials such as foam core, PVC piping, paper cups, duct tape, hot glue, spray paint, and contact paper for the building of the presentation.  The entire presentation was done a shoestring budget of @ $600.  The students also did all the graphic design work for the signage and posters.

Fun Facts:

•  The roof shingles are made from paper cups which were cut in half, painted with spray paint, and hot glued to foam core roof panels.

•  All of the black lined wall dividers were individually cut foam core strips which had to be mounted and glued separately.

•  The entrance gate was over 12 tall.  All of the wood texture was actually wood grained contact paper mounted to foam core.

• PVC pipe was spray painted black used as support structures.

• The vending machines were made from foam core and had curved clear plexi-glass windows.

• All signage and posters were designed by the students.  All of the lettering for the project signs had to be individually cut by hand and mounted to foam core.

• The signs hanging at the entrance were cut by hand had actually had fluorscent lights inside to illuminate them.

• The students added extra touches by adding paper lanterns and making origami birds.

• This entire build was done without the use of a computer lab or model shop.