Cross Branding Project

Class developed and conducted by Tony Yao

The cross-branding project took place during the summer of 2009.  The mission for the project was for my group of high school students to create a cohesive amalgam between 2 different lifestyle brands, an automotive brand and a lifestyle product brand.  We were inspired by successful branding creations between product and transportation lifestyle products such as Porsche Design (Porsche branded product accessories to accompany their automobiles), the team up between Jeep and Eddie Bauer (Eddie Bauer Edition Jeep Cherokee), Harley Davidson motorcycles and Harley Davidson consumer products (T-shirts, pens, mugs), etc.

For the presentation of these products the class constructed individually matching 8 ft. tower kiosk displays, as well as a life-sized or scaled model for their final designs.

No matter how large or small the class, we always try to put on a good show, always displaying creativity, professionalism, and resourcefulness of the class.  As usual, all of our building materials were procured on a shoestring budget.

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Tony Yao