High School Designers

Being young didn’t stop these guys from making something amazing!

Are you a high school student looking for a career path?  Does traditional “academics” simply not appeal to you?   Or maybe you’re just curious about what “design” is all about?  Then our High School Designers (HSD) program may be right for you.

Many of our most successful students, including these fellows, got their start with the program Tony Yao developed nearly a decade ago.

Consisting of beginner, intermediate, and advanced groups, HSD students are held to same standards as their College Portfolio Prep counterparts and work towards developing useful skills that you’ll actually get to use in real life long after high school is over.

For any questions regarding the program, please fill out our general contact form here or call (626)765-9992.

Course Details


  • Beginner: Tony Yao and Steve Shin


  • 8 weeks per term


  • Beginners: Saturdays (summer) 10am to 12pm
  • Times subject to change.  Students will be notified beforehand.


  • Beginner: 8 sessions (1 per week): $799

Course Outline

Beginner Class

  • Basic Perspective
  • Geometric Shapes and Basic Rendering
  • Organic/Speed-forms and Rendering Materials
  • Drawing Objects from Imagination
  • Intro to Design (project class)



  • Classes may be deferred to the following term if the 10 seat minimum is not filled.