College Portfolio Prep

Every student who graduates from Concept Cube succeeds

The core of our school’s programs and it has been 100% successful.  Every student who has finished the program has gotten in to the school of their choice.  It is a 12 to 18 month training course that covers practically everything about design whether its product, transportation, entertainment, etc.  Unique to Concept Cube, this program will guide you from foundational skills all the way to advanced design techniques, and culminates with the creation of your own custom built entrance portfolio.  This is a very intensive program that requires your full attention, so make sure you read and understand the course requirements before applying.

Students who graduate will have an array of high level skills that will enable them to excel at the next level and stand out amongst their peers.  Just like these guys.

For any questions regarding the program, please fill out our general contact form here or call at (626)765-9992

Advantages and Benefits

Many of today’s top talent in design, got their start here

Concept Cube believes that a little hard work now, can save you a lot of headaches later on.  Students who go through our program gain significant advantages including: 

  • Access to instructors with decades of industry experience
  • Strong foundational skills that enable you to analyze and learn new material faster
  • Confidence in your ability to tackle any assignment without second guessing your techniques
  • You’ll never be at a loss at what to do, or how to do it
  • Get to a higher level of skill earlier and faster
  • Be part of Concept Cube’s alumni network: current students and professionals alike

Course Details

Who’s it For?

  • High school students who need a college portfolio and/or strong extracurriculars
  • College students and older who need an entrance portfolio
  • Anyone looking to build and enhance their artistic and design skills


  • Foundation (all subjects): Steve Shin
  • Advanced: Tony Yao
  • Workshops* (subject to time and availability): John Park, George Yoo, Robert Simons, Rohby, Alex Chen

Subjects/Majors (chosen at enrollment)

  • Product Design
  • Transportation Design
  • Entertainment Design
  • Environmental Design


  • 12 to 18 months
  • Finish time dependent on student completion of assigned work


  • Set after registration.


  • Please call 626.765.9992 for details.

Course Outline

Foundational Skills (4~6 months)

  • Perspective Made Easy
  • Design Sketching
  • Digital Rendering
  • Thinking Like a Designer
  • Visual Communication

Advanced Design (8~10 months)

  • Design Research
  • Beginner Project
  • Presentation Techniques
  • Intermediate Project
  • Model Building
  • Advanced Project
  • Portfolio Construction
  • Rapid Project


  • Enrollment is open year-round but is subject to availability of seats