Pursue What You Love…

Concept Cube was founded with the mission to let people be able to do what they love, earn a great living from it, and not let anyone tell them otherwise.  Growing up, my parents were very traditional, making sure I studied hard so that I could be a doctor or a lawyer.  But my interests and passions were in movies, cars, games, etc.

Still, through my high school and early college years, I did as I was told and studied what they wanted me to; until one day I just couldn’t do it anymore.  I remember “the talk” I had with my parents when I sat them down to tell them that I was changing directions in my college career.  I simply wasn’t meant for the more traditional careers. I had to pursue what I loved. I began to think about the amazing things I saw in movies like Star Wars, Blade Runner, and Terminator.

So, I began to wonder: who made those things?  Was there an actual job for it?  Was there any kind of training for such a thing?  The closest thing I could come up with was to study architecture or engineering, until I discovered a major called “industrial design” and it all became clear.  I learned that industrial designers were the ones that not only worked on movies, but on cars and products we use everyday!

Discovering this direction, I realized that this was the dream job I had always wanted, and I have been blessed with the satisfaction of being able to do what I love ever since.  Now, with Concept Cube, I want to bring to people the same joy, excitement, and rewards that a career in industrial design can offer!

Tony Yao – CEO and Founder

The Concept Cube Way

Concept Cube’s methods are adopted from techniques that have been refined and perfected for over twenty years by its founder. Emphasizing strong foundational skills with a touch of flourish, students will develop comprehensive design skills necessary to succeed at the highest levels, and stand out amongst their peers.  Concept Cube students also receive critical guidance and mentoring to set them on the right career path.  While it won’t be easy (nothing worth doing ever is), but we’ll be by your side every step of the way.  We hope to see you soon!