Training at Concept Cube is quite an experience.  Just ask any of our students!

Concept Cube and its instructors have been teaching for over a decade and have taught hundreds of students.  Hear what they have to say:

I was first introduced to Tony when I enrolled in his Art Center Saturday High. Before I started, I had almost no experience or knowledge in design. Concept Cube has given me an arsenal of skills from visual communication, presentation techniques, and the ability to pitch my ideas like a professional. These skills have allowed me to excel in the classroom. I have never met any other teacher that truly cares about his students more than Tony; all he wants is for you to work hard and succeed in what you love to do. His classes really cannot compare to any other, and has given me the confidence to take on any challenge I face successfully. I truly would be lost if it wasn’t for Tony. Thanks Tony!

Matt RavenelleAccepted to the Art Center College of Design

Tony Yao was the first of many mentors that has greatly impacted my art career. His methods and teachings has helped me to grow a thick skin to pursue and overcome any obstacle that I face in the industry as a designer. I am a firm believer that Tony’s ways will only help you to become better than that you think you already are.

John ParkArt Director at Adhesive Games

This is the reason why I not only got accepted into Art Center, but also became a success there. They not only taught me the skills that I needed, but also instilled a strong work ethic that I continue to cherish to this day.

Liang LiuAccepted to the Art Center College of Design

Before I had lessons here, I drew a few doodles and labeled myself an artist.  They opened my eyes to a world of concepts, design, and inspiration.  Now I can sketch my ideas as fast as my brain can crank them out.

Maryann ChiAccepted to the Art Center College of Design

The most important thing I learned there is that you always have to fight to make your work better. Even more than artistic improvement, they help to create strength of character.

Alex ChenAccepted to the Art Center College of Design

Tony not only helped me get in to Art Center, but he provided me with the tool set I needed (sketching, ideation, layout, composition) that I needed to compete once I was there. I cannot say enough about his mentoring and guidance. It changed the direction of my career and the course of my life.

Geoff LedfordAccepted to the Art Center College of Design

Before I met Tony, I had trouble processing and illustrating my ideas. Since then, he has become both my mentor and friend and has shaped me to think as a designer who efficiently solves problems.

Gordon SunAccepted to the Art Center College of Design

I could not possibly list all of the skills that I have learned while under Tony’s tutelage, but I can say that without his guidance, I would not have the clarity I do today about my profession. He taught my peers and I an invaluable set of skills, not limited to but including presentation skills, draughtsmanship, design, composition, the ability to produce quality work under a deadline, teamwork and most importantly of all, discipline and dedication. Although his class was without a doubt, one of the most challenging classes I have ever taken, I look back with nothing but fond memories. If you can cut it in his advanced class, you can cut it anywhere, because Tony will equip you with more than the ability to draw or render; he’ll equip you with the ability to tackle any obstacle fearlessly.

Karen WangAccepted to the Art Center College of Design

When I started working with Tony my drawing skills were elementary. I was not familiar with design concepts and my ability to think of and create designs was minimal. Once I started training with Tony, he worked closely with me to mentor me through this process. Tony provided me with individualized attention that helped to maximize strengths and fix and minimize any weaknesses. Tony helped me develop both my technical design skills as well as developing my entrance portfolio. Our work together concluded in my Art Center admissions. Tony and his staff are amazing mentors, teachers, and friends who are rigorously committed to their students’ success.

Rudy RummelAccepted to the Art Center College of Design