The List of Design Stuff

We’re often asked by our students which sites we look at for research, inspiration, etc etc.  So I’m going to start keeping a master list of everything I can find on design “stuff”.  I also need to note that this is a WIP, so if you don’t see a site here and would like to recommend one, leave it in the comments below or leave one on our Facebook page.

Blogs, News, All Around

Gallery & Inspiration

  • Industrial Design Served – I thought our website name was long to spell.
  • Pinterest – Sign up and start pinning.
  • Site Inspire – Mainly for web design, but searches will lead to other sites for other fields.
  • Draw Crowd – Giant picture board for concept art.
  • Deviant Art – Huge. Will take time to sort through… beware of furries.
  • ConceptArt.Org – More of a community site, but has lots of art.
  • CGHub – A must for aspiring entertainment students.  Kind of like Facebook for concept artists. *UPDATE: Now defunct.


  • Font Squirrel – Commercial free fonts!
  • The Leagure of Moveable Type – Open Source fonts.  Just be sure to credit the creator if you decide to use it.
  • dafont – Huge repository of fonts, but be mindful of the ones you pick: not all fonts are created equal.
  • Type Connection – Take two fonts on a date and see if it works.



  • Kuler – A handy little tool useful for picking colors.  Plug in for Photoshop also available.
  • Color Scheme Picker – Like Kuler, but has more options including picking colorblind sets.
  • Tin Eye Labs – Search Flickr images by color.  Very handy.

Branding and Identity

3D Modeling

  • SolidSmack –  Not strictly 3D but it’s part of a network of CAD related sites.
  • CADJunkie – Part of said network.
  • GrabCAD – Tons of FREE 3D models for reference.
  • SketchUp – Free 3D modeling tool.  Takes less than an hour to learn and has a large repository of FREE downloadable models.


Recommended Reading (Some of these aren’t cheap; Art Center students should be able to find them in the library)