High School Designers

Concept Cube is always looking for talented young artists and designers to be part of our High School Designers program during summer time!  Be part of a long line of graduates who have gone on to Art Center, RISD, CMU, and other top colleges around the world!

Call 626-765-9992 for more information.

Starter Set

Every student at Concept Cube will need a starter set.  We normally have a handful of sets in stock ready for sale in the studio, but this post is to show what you’re going to need if you decide to go out and get them on your own.

supplies_bluesCopic Markers – Blue Set

  • B32
  • B24
  • B26
  • B39

supplies_orangesCopic Markers – Orange Set

  • YR04
  • YR07
  • R08
  • R27

supplies_copics2Copic Markers – Yellow Set & Desert Set

  • Y21
  • Y17
  • Y38
  • E09
  • YR14

supplies_copicsCopic Markers – Other Tones

  • YR000
  • YR82
  • YR61

supplies_pensWhite gel pen and felt tip pens (0.5 and 0.7)

supplies_erasersClicky eraser, white block eraser, and kneaded eraser.

supplies_tapeknivesWhite 3M Scotch paper tape (3/4″ medium tackiness; has 256 on the inside yellow liner) and X-ACTO knive with #11 blades.

supplies_triangular30-60-90 triangle (large size; preferably see-thru)

supplies_circsCircle guides (various sizes)

supplies_padMarker pad, 14″ by 17″ size (we use Canson brand paper, but any brand name will do as long as it has been treated for marker use.  Get the correct size!)


Itoya portfolio folder, 14″ by 17″.  Keep your work nice and tidy!

You’ll also need an 18″ metal ruler (not pictured).