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Cheer Up!

Cheer Up! is going to be a regular thing here as we post interesting, funny, and/or inspirational things as the term goes on.  It’ll mainly be design stuff (hopefully) but expect to see the occasional cat/dog/pet creep into these posts.  Tony has another posting idea he’s calling “It’s Only Funny if It Isn’t You” that […]

Starter Set

Every student at Concept Cube will need a starter set.  We normally have a handful of sets in stock ready for sale in the studio, but this post is to show what you’re going to need if you decide to go out and get them on your own. Copic Markers – Blue Set B32 B24 […]

Behind The Scenes

Back in December of 2011 (!) Concept Cube made a little video.  I managed to find some pictures of that day.  I’ll post more as I find more time.  Fun times!

Shirley Van

Shirley is our most recent success story, having been accepted to the Art Center College of Design for Product Design.  She even received a $40,000 scholarship!  Check out more of her work here.

Website Update

Welcome to the all new Concept Cube website!  Yeah, it took awhile but things have been nuts around here.  Stay tuned for more content soon!