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The Long Road: Getting into Art Center Part 2

This is part 2 (go here for part 1) I called Art Center to request a catalog, and when I received it, I remember ogling at all the cool things I saw. I knew this was for me.  I sat my parents down one evening to have the talk about changing majors to my new […]

The Long Road: Getting into Art Center

When I was in high school, I had no idea what career path I wanted to pursue in college.  My parents were traditional business people, so they suggested that I pursue the safest route and pursue business as well.  Being the good obedient son, I listened to my parents and did as they suggested.  So […]

How to Survive in School

When I was in design school, I had an instructor that seemingly hated me for whatever reason.  This class was a drawing class.  Until this point in my training, I had never had conflict with any instructor. On the first day of this class, the instructor called up each student individually to view their previous […]

The List of Design Stuff

We’re often asked by our students which sites we look at for research, inspiration, etc etc.  So I’m going to start keeping a master list of everything I can find on design “stuff”.  I also need to note that this is a WIP, so if you don’t see a site here and would like to […]