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The Long Road: Getting into Art Center

When I was in high school, I had no idea what career path I wanted to pursue in college.  My parents were traditional business people, so they suggested that I pursue the safest route and pursue business as well.  Being the good obedient son, I listened to my parents and did as they suggested.  So […]

The Long Road: Getting into Art Center Part 5

Part 5 (go here for part 4) I made the big move to LA and started attending night classes.  There I met my 2 soon-to-be mentors: one taught “Intro to Product and Transportation”, the other taught “Visual Communication 1” (or “viscom”); both long time Art Center instructors.  Who knew that a few years later that […]

The Long Road: Getting into Art Center Part 4

Part 4 (go here for part 3) I returned to San Francisco and reworked some of my portfolio sketches.  I contacted DesignworksUSA and Ashcraft Design, since I received the warmest receptions at those places, to ask nicely if they would be kind enough to write me recommendation letters; and they did.  The DesignworksUSA CEO even […]

The Long Road: Getting into Art Center Part 3

Part 3 (go here for part 2) About 6 months later, I decided I was going to move to Los Angeles to try this Art Center thing, and possibly work in the Hollywood industry.  The first thing was to get in contact with the person who could help me get into the Hollywood industry, so […]

High School Designers

Concept Cube is always looking for talented young artists and designers to be part of our High School Designers program during summer time!  Be part of a long line of graduates who have gone on to Art Center, RISD, CMU, and other top colleges around the world! Call 626-765-9992 for more information.